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HCG Diet Plan a Good Weight Loss Alternative

HCG Diet PlanFor people who have been trying to lose weigh for a long time might want to take a closer look at the HCG Diet Plan and how it can make you lose weight. This diet plan offers you a way to lose weight that is completely different to what you have been used to earlier.

The HCG Diet Plan makes is possible for you to lose up to a pound of body fat per day, that is without you having to feel any hunger.

So how is it possible to be able to lose up to a pound of body fat per day? With the HCG Diet Plan you will only be eating around 500 calories per day which means that your body will get its energy needs covered from your body fat.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is the hormone that makes sure that a woman’s unborn child gets all the nutrients it needs to grow and get stronger.

Researchers like Dr. Simeons found out back in the fifties that giving this hormone to obese people would make it possible for them to lose up to one pound of body fat per. It is important to stress out that not all dieters will lose that amount of body fat, it depends a lot on how much you weight all ready. But an average person should be able to lose around 300 grams per day. This is still far more than any other diet out there.

What You Will Get With the HCG Diet Plan

Basically said the HCG Diet Plan is a two part diet that will not function without the other parts. You will need the HCG hormone in order to lose that much weight and not to get hungry. And you will need the diet plan in order to make sure you eat as little as possible.

If you are buying the Official HCG Diet Plan you will get everything you will need for your diet and that is the HCG Drops and the diet plan itself.

HCG Diet Plan Injections or Drops?

Until now the HCG Diet Plan was only possible with daily injections, which was a problem for many dieters. It is never fun to inject your self and daily visits to the doctors office could become quite costly as well.

Today there is an alternative the HCG droplets. Here you will put 10 drops right under your tongue and the just let it sink in.

Injections are still more effective but droplets can make you lose a lot of weight as well, especially if it is the first time you use this type of diet plan.