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How to Blast Your Shoulders with The Perfect Workout

Blast Your Shoulders WorkoutWorking out your shoulder is often overlooked because guys tend to focus more on the chest and back workouts. However, working out your shoulders is just as important, and it can give you some very nice definition. There is nothing better than a pair of well-trained shoulders to come along with the perfect body. Besides that, building your shoulder is also going to benefit your back and chest. In the following, we are going to teach you how to blast your shoulders with the perfect workout.

4 Different Exercises

The best you can do to blast your shoulder is to do a workout consisting of 4 different exercises with four sets each. Keep a rep range between 15 in the first one and then go all the way down to 8 in the last one. You should barely be able to lift the last couple of reps. Very important is to keep an aggressive attitude when you are lifting.

Lateral Raises

First, start out with some lateral raises where you pull a pair of dumbbells up to shoulder level. With this exercise, it is important that you feel a god burn in your shoulders. If you don’t feel anything, you need to grab a pair of dumbbells with more weight. This exercise is great when you want to build some definition on your side laterals. The reason why we start with this exercise is that I like to use it as a warm up for the next one to come.

Shoulder Presses

Shoulder presses or military is one of the best shoulder muscle builders around. It put on some muscles on your shoulders and create that rounded shape we all work out so hard to get. You have a couple of options available when you want to do this exercises. You can either sit on a bench and do the shoulder lift with a couple of dumbbells. You can also use a barbell sitting on a bench if that is more convenient. Standing up military are popular too, but here you need to be careful with your back because a lot of weight puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. Using the Smith machine is your final option, it can be good if you are new to the gym.


Shrugs, also a great shoulder exercise, but here we are more focused on putting some strength in your neck. It is an important exercise, and you can be sure doing it will make you stronger and be able to lift more weight both with your back and chest exercises.

Lateral Pullbacks

Lateral pullbacks are very like the first exercise we did. But here you pull the weight more backward, so you are targeting the back side of your shoulders. It is often overlooked because cannot see their backs shoulders and are more focused on their back. However, doing this exercise will pull your front shoulder back a little, so your chest will appear bigger.

Your Diet and Supplements

Now we went thru 4 different exercises you should do when you want to build some lean muscles and strength on your shoulder. Next is to make sure you get lots of proteins, so your muscles have something to work with. If you feel you are not quite happy with your results, you can add in a testosterone booster like Alpha Force Testo. It will increase your testosterone levels, so it gets easier to build some serious lean muscles. Check out this linkĀ http://alphaforcetestoreview.com/alpha-force-testo-testosterone-booster-muscle-builder to learn a lot more.

To see how each exercise is performed check out this database. It will show you tons of exercises you can do yourself.

Finally, remember training your shoulder is like putting the dot over the i. It is important because it will benefit all the other muscle groups as well and make you stronger in each of your lifts.