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The One Reason Why it is so Difficult to Get Rid of Body Fat

caveman weight lossFor many people losing weight can be quite a task to get done because the expectations often do not match the results. The main reason for this is that getting rid of body fat is not always that easy.

So why is that? It is because our body is designed to pick up and store as much body fat as possible!

It is a survival mechanism that goes back to the days we were living caves, doing hunting, and where there was not so much food around. Often the caveman had to survive for months with only limited access to food. The only way he could get his calorie needs covered was from his body fat.

A lot of things have changed today, our lifestyle, our diet and no longer do we need to go out and spend a couple of hours hunting our food. However one thing has not changed: our body is still designed to preserve as much body fat as possible.

Today it is a big problem because our food contains a lot of calories, are artificial designed, and the sugars and fats we put in our food can be very hard for our body to digest. So we start to gain weight instead and become obese.

And it does not make it easier that most of us are sitting down all down with only limited activity levels.

You Cannot Change Your Gene Pol to Lose Weight

If you thin that you can reverse the way your body is designed and get rid of its ability to store body fat, you are on a suicide mission. You cannot change this build in survival mechanism, and I highly doubt that you are ready to go back to the savannah and live like a caveman again.

For you who wants to lose weight and keep the weight off, there is only one way to go. You need to make the changes to your body to be able to get rid of body fat.

It means that you will need to do the following:

  • Change your diet only to eat some calories that you need
  • Eat more organic food and get rid of processed food and trans fat that is hard for your body to digest
  • Do what you can to maintain portion control and avoid emotional eating
  • Increase your metabolism so you are burning more calories
  • Raise your activity levels and use your body more
  • Incorporate overall healthy lifestyle change so will never think of dieting again

Rewiring Your Thinking

To be able to accomplish these bullet points, you will need to rewire the way you think and change the relationship you have with food. These changes do not happen overnight; it is a slow process that will need your attention.

But overall it is a far better approach to losing weight, than just jumping on yet another low-calorie diet weight loss craze. These diets will make you gain weight again because you did not manage to solve the overall problem.

Taking the First Step

To be able to incorporate the above bullet points and change your lifestyle overall, it is a good idea to take them one by one. This way these changes will not feel overwhelming.

A good first step to getting started with is to improve your metabolism that is the most effective weight loss tool you have in your hands. To do this, you need to build some lean muscles and increase your protein intake.

To get faster results you can use a supplement like PhenQ, which is a weight loss supplement that can give you a couple of benefits, like raising your metabolism. Check out http://phenqreviews.net/ to learn more.

Here you will also find information on how to buy PhenQ in case you want to use it, to help you to lose weight.

But remember a weight loss supplement should never be your primary tool to lose weight, just a helping hand to get you started to lose weight.

Recently there was an excellent article in the Independent regarding this topic about your body fat. You can read it here.

Also, check out the video below to get a couple of effective weight loss tips.