Strategies to Improve Testosterone Naturally

Strategies to Improve Your Testosterone LevelsTestosterone is the hormone that controls lots of vital body functions in men. It isn’t simply the hormone behind your buff physique. Also, it also restrains your sex drive and erectile function. Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look on testosterone and give you a few strategies you can use if you have low levels of testosterone and want to improve it naturally.

Dropping Down On Testosterone

A drop in your testosterone production leads to a slow down in your development and gives you probably with your behavior. Testosterone is paramount in your younger days because it ensures that you as a boy grows up and become a man.

When you are around thirty ears of age, you don’t need that growth anymore, and your testosterone levels will start to drop.

The problem is just that low levels of testosterone may lead to low libido, impotence problems, weaker bones, loss of energy and tiredness, loss of lean muscle, etc.,

Nevertheless, there are several natural approaches to raising testosterone in your body.

Strategies to Improve Testosterone Naturally

In the following, we are going to give you a couple of strategies you can get started with to increase your testosterone levels.

Become More Active

Getting physically active is the important thing to make sure optimum testosterone production in your body. Your body was created in this kind of manner that physical activity is really significant to make it work in the correct way.

Your body was designed in this sort of way that physical activity is really high to make it work in the proper manner.Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle tend to be more prone to a more sudden decline inside their testosterone levels. Brief and extreme workouts will be the best as it pertains to improving testosterone levels in your body. Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, chin-ups, etc., are all great exercises to improve testosterone production.

Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle tend to be more prone to a more sudden decline inside their testosterone levels. Brief and extreme workouts will be the best as it pertains to improving testosterone levels in your body. Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, chin-ups, etc., are all great exercises to improve testosterone production.

Cut Down on Carbohydrates

This is vital since carbs, especially, the ones that are rich in pure sugar like potatoes lead to growth in the degree of Insulin in the blood which inhibits testosterone production.

However, not all carbohydrates are bad for you. You still need lots of the right ones to ensure you have energy enough in your body.

Get Essential Fat

Omega 3, 6, 9, and other are a Must- Vital fats like Omega 3 are very significant for the production of testosterone. Your diet must contain them in a reasonable quantity. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious with this and be sure to don’t use up greater than what’s needed.

What If All This is Not Working?

No worry, you still have other options available, and you don’t have to use illegal anabolic steroids to raise your testosterone levels.

Testosterone Reload is an all-natural testosterone booster that in a matter of weeks can help you to increase your levels. Regardless of if you want to gain more muscles, improve your sex life or just want to get a better male health, Testosterone Reload can help you.

It is probably one of your best options available compared to doing anabolic hormone treatments.

How to Blast Your Shoulders with The Perfect Workout

Blast Your Shoulders WorkoutWorking out your shoulder is often overlooked because guys tend to focus more on the chest and back workouts. However, working out your shoulders is just as important, and it can give you some very nice definition. There is nothing better than a pair of well-trained shoulders to come along with the perfect body. Besides that, building your shoulder is also going to benefit your back and chest. In the following, we are going to teach you how to blast your shoulders with the perfect workout.

4 Different Exercises

The best you can do to blast your shoulder is to do a workout consisting of 4 different exercises with four sets each. Keep a rep range between 15 in the first one and then go all the way down to 8 in the last one. You should barely be able to lift the last couple of reps. Very important is to keep an aggressive attitude when you are lifting.

Lateral Raises

First, start out with some lateral raises where you pull a pair of dumbbells up to shoulder level. With this exercise, it is important that you feel a god burn in your shoulders. If you don’t feel anything, you need to grab a pair of dumbbells with more weight. This exercise is great when you want to build some definition on your side laterals. The reason why we start with this exercise is that I like to use it as a warm up for the next one to come.

Shoulder Presses

Shoulder presses or military is one of the best shoulder muscle builders around. It put on some muscles on your shoulders and create that rounded shape we all work out so hard to get. You have a couple of options available when you want to do this exercises. You can either sit on a bench and do the shoulder lift with a couple of dumbbells. You can also use a barbell sitting on a bench if that is more convenient. Standing up military are popular too, but here you need to be careful with your back because a lot of weight puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. Using the Smith machine is your final option, it can be good if you are new to the gym.


Shrugs, also a great shoulder exercise, but here we are more focused on putting some strength in your neck. It is an important exercise, and you can be sure doing it will make you stronger and be able to lift more weight both with your back and chest exercises.

Lateral Pullbacks

Lateral pullbacks are very like the first exercise we did. But here you pull the weight more backward, so you are targeting the back side of your shoulders. It is often overlooked because cannot see their backs shoulders and are more focused on their back. However, doing this exercise will pull your front shoulder back a little, so your chest will appear bigger.

Your Diet and Supplements

Now we went thru 4 different exercises you should do when you want to build some lean muscles and strength on your shoulder. Next is to make sure you get lots of proteins, so your muscles have something to work with. If you feel you are not quite happy with your results, you can add in a testosterone booster like Alpha Force Testo. It will increase your testosterone levels, so it gets easier to build some serious lean muscles. Check out this link to learn a lot more.

To see how each exercise is performed check out this database. It will show you tons of exercises you can do yourself.

Finally, remember training your shoulder is like putting the dot over the i. It is important because it will benefit all the other muscle groups as well and make you stronger in each of your lifts.

5 Popular Weight Loss Tips You Should Never Follow

Weight Loss Tips You Should Never FollowWant to lose weight? OK, here are 5 weight loss tips you should never follow! So why is that? Well, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find tips that will help you to lose weight. However, some of these tips will not do you any good. It is why we have made this article, a help for you to avoid weight loss tips that does not work.

Leave out Carbs From Your Diet

When you want to lose weight, it is the overall calorie intake that counts, not some carbs you are having with your diet. In theory, you can eat only fat, and as long as you are not eating more calories than your body needs, you will not gain weight.

If you decide to leave out carbs from your diet, you are taking away your body’s energy source. You will start to feel more tired, and your brain function will slow down as well.

Decreased energy levels because of a low carbohydrate intake will slow down your performance in your private life and at your work. Honestly, I would fire you if I was your boss, knowing you were doing a low carb diet.

Make sure you are getting the carbohydrates you need and lower you calorie intake overall.

Use Waist Trainers

A waist trainer is typical a wide band your wear around your waist while you are working out. The idea is that the heat it produces are supposed to burn off the body fat you have located on your stomach.

You may experience a thinner waist line after doing cardio using a waist trainer, but it is only temporary. The waist trainer takes out the fluids you have located around your waist. These levels of fluids will normalize after a few hours.

Workout in a Rain Coat

Unless you are working out outside in the rain!

Again, just like with the waist trainer, it is only body fluid you are losing, and it is temporary.

It looks kind of silly to train in a raincoat while you are in the gym, and it is not good for you. Your body need to be able to get rid of the heat it produces while you are working out, else you may collapse.

So, instead of a raincoat get some light weighted workout clothes. It will make your body breathe, and you will train with a higher intensity.

Stay Away From Energy Drinks

There is a tendency to believe that got to have an energy drink to be able to work out hard. It is far from the truth; you only need plain water. Energy drinks contain higher levels of caffeine, and a lot of them comes with sugars too. Other times artificial sweeteners like Aspartame is used, they are not right for you either. There are studies available claiming that artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight or make you addicted to sugar.

Other times artificial sweeteners like Aspartame is used, they are not right for you either. There are studies available claiming that artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight or make you addicted to sugar.

Many energy drinks contain up to 200 kcal/ or even more, not exactly what you want going to the gym.

Drink Weight Loss Tea

Tea is delicious and green they do carry weight loss abilities due to its levels of caffeine. However, using tea as a weight loss supplement is not going to get you there. For sure Tea can be a better substitute than coffee, but it is not strong enough to lose weight.

Instead take a closer look at HCA weight loss products like Green Garcinia Gold. Here you are getting a supplement that carries some of the same benefits as weight loss tea but gives you a lot more benefits. We are talking advantages like making your liver burn more fat, suppressing your appetite and avoid emotional eating.

Get more information about Green Garcinia Gold at this site

These three issues are the core of every weight loss diet.

Finally, on 5 Weight Loss Tips, You Should Never to Follow

are 5 weight loss tips you should never follow this article are coming to an end. a couple of final words on this are!

When you want to lose weight, you are going to get far just by using your common sense.

Why would you wear a raincoat to the gym or spend tons of money on a waist trainer? It is all about consistency, motivation, and enjoy what you are doing. Check out this article; it will give you ten tips that will help you to lose weight. Also, have a look at the video below, it will take your weight loss diet to the next level.

Nootropics to Increase Your Brain Power, Really?

Nootropics to increase cogntive function?

Do you have a feeling that if you just had a little bit extra brain power you could get things done easier and faster?

If yes, it is time to put some attention to Nootropics and learn a bit more about them. Why? Because Nootropics may just be what you are looking for if you want to increase your brain power!

What Nootropics Can Do For You

So why should you even consider using Nootropics when you are already spending a lot of money on vitamins, minerals and omega oils? The answer is simple! Because Nootropics can improve your cognitive function by adding a couple of all-natural ingredients like for example Huperzine A or Bacopa Monnieri.

All-Natural Nootropics

The type of Nootropics we are dealing with here are all natural and you don’t need a prescription to purchase. Does that mean that they are ineffective? Absolutely not!

In fact, all-natural Nootropics like Noocube or Nitrovit can be just as effective as prescription smart drugs but without many of the side effects, you would normal get. It all depend on what your primary objective are.

Improve Your Memory, Focus, and Learning Ability

If you are one the lookout for a supplement that will help your memory and at the same time give you a better focus and learning ability, all-natural Nootropics will give you a lot of benefits. Often going all-natural is more than enough to get started to improve your cognitive function.

But Remember, No Miracles

So let’s stress out that using Nootropics can help to improve your cognitive function. Supplements like Synapsyl, Noocube and Nitrovit can improve the capabilities you already have available in your brain.

But remember, Nootropics cannot improve your IQ or give you more academic benefits. They can only improve what you already got available.

Getting Started Using Nootropics

So if you are curious about Nootropics and want to get started yourself using them, you have a couple of options available.


First Synapsyl is a Nootropics that is available worldwide and is pretty good when it comes to memory recall and anxiety management.

However, the problem with Synapsyl is that there is no ingredient list on the company website. You may want to see what type of ingredients you are taking, in order to make sure they do not give you any side effects.

Synapsyl is currently available as a free trial, just click here to learn more!


Second we have Noocube, which is a pretty good option because it comes with a lot of the “right” ingredients that has been proven to make a difference when we want to increase brain power and cognitive function.

Where Noocube stands out compared to other Nootropics is that it does not come with caffeine. Therefore it is the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to caffeine or don’t want to use Caffeine to increase cognitive function.

To learn more or to buy Noocube click here.


Finally, we have Nitrovit, very similar to Noocube but comes with a few more ingredients including caffeine. Nitrovit is one of the only Nootropics on the market that comes with Noopept, an ingredient that will increase the effectiveness of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter in your brain. Noopept was developed in Russia back in the 60ties, whether that is good or not is for you to decide.

Noopept was developed in Russia back in the 60ties, whether that is good or not is for you to decide.

Nitrovit comes with a great student offer as well a 3-month package, where you really can obtain some great savings.

Get started with Nitrovit, click right here.

Learn A Lot More

With this article, we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn about using Nootropics to improve your brain function. We suggest that you take a closer look at this article to get more information on Nootropic.

Also check the video below to get a couple of more tips on how you can improve your cognitive function without the use of any supplement.

Body Detox a Faster Way to Lose Weight

body detoxSo you want to lose as much weight as fast as possible? Welcome to the club! It really can be a pain in the butt, going on a weight loss diet in order to lose weight. It is especially if you stick to the traditional way of losing weight. Today, there are a lot more options available, one of them is to perform a body detox.

What is a Body Detox?

So what exactly is a body detox and how can it make you lose weight?

When doing a detox you are going to target your weight loss in a whole different way, then you are with a traditional diet. Here it is not about calories but about getting rid of waste products and toxins stored in your body, such as in your colon and digestive canal.

You may not have noticed but years of unhealthy eating can build up a certain amount of waste products and toxins in your body. As with everything these products carries a certain amount of weight. They can also make you stomach stick out and make you look fat, even when you are losing weight on a diet.

A body detox is a way to go if you want to get rid of these waste products. A cleanse can make it possible for you to lose as much as 10 pounds in only a few days. Imagine how that can make you look in the mirror?

How to Perform a Body Detox

There are a couple of different methods you can use when it comes to performing a body detox. However, there are 3 that stand out compared to the rest.


Is the hardest one because it require a visit at a colon expert office in order to get the enema done. Here you will basically get a hose up behind and your digestive canal and colon will be cleansed out.

Juice Diets

Juice diets is another more popular way to cleanse your body. But, using this method will probably take you a couple of weeks before you start to see any results. When you juicing you may also experience hunger and cravings for food since the juice and vegetables is the only nutrients you get.

Using Supplements

Using supplements are probably the easiest of these three. But you need to make sure that the supplement is effective enough in order to perform the cleanse. Garcinia Cambogia Plus 95% HCA is a good option here because you will get the cleansing effects from PurSlim combined with the weight loss benefits from one of the most talked about weight loss supplements today, Garcinia Cambogia.

When you take Garcinia Slim you will help your body to become better in burning of the body fat you have stored on your body. At the same time will you be able to reduce the carbohydrate into the fat conversation which often happens when you are getting too many carbohydrates with your diet.

Garcinia Active Slim is a very powerful detox supplement that is based on green coffee extract and comes with a very potent cleansing effect.

Final Word

So if you feel you are stuck with your diet and no getting anywhere when it comes to losing weight then a body detox is a great way to kick start your weight loss efforts and get started to lose some weight.

But remember the best you can do when it comes to losing weight is to use more than one tactic.

Learn more about doing a body detox here.

Also, check the video below to get even more weight loss tips.

The One Reason Why it is so Difficult to Get Rid of Body Fat

caveman weight lossFor many people losing weight can be quite a task to get done because the expectations often do not match the results. The main reason for this is that getting rid of body fat is not always that easy.

So why is that? It is because our body is designed to pick up and store as much body fat as possible!

It is a survival mechanism that goes back to the days we were living caves, doing hunting, and where there was not so much food around. Often the caveman had to survive for months with only limited access to food. The only way he could get his calorie needs covered was from his body fat.

A lot of things have changed today, our lifestyle, our diet and no longer do we need to go out and spend a couple of hours hunting our food. However one thing has not changed: our body is still designed to preserve as much body fat as possible.

Today it is a big problem because our food contains a lot of calories, are artificial designed, and the sugars and fats we put in our food can be very hard for our body to digest. So we start to gain weight instead and become obese.

And it does not make it easier that most of us are sitting down all down with only limited activity levels.

You Cannot Change Your Gene Pol to Lose Weight

If you thin that you can reverse the way your body is designed and get rid of its ability to store body fat, you are on a suicide mission. You cannot change this build in survival mechanism, and I highly doubt that you are ready to go back to the savannah and live like a caveman again.

For you who wants to lose weight and keep the weight off, there is only one way to go. You need to make the changes to your body to be able to get rid of body fat.

It means that you will need to do the following:

  • Change your diet only to eat some calories that you need
  • Eat more organic food and get rid of processed food and trans fat that is hard for your body to digest
  • Do what you can to maintain portion control and avoid emotional eating
  • Increase your metabolism so you are burning more calories
  • Raise your activity levels and use your body more
  • Incorporate overall healthy lifestyle change so will never think of dieting again

Rewiring Your Thinking

To be able to accomplish these bullet points, you will need to rewire the way you think and change the relationship you have with food. These changes do not happen overnight; it is a slow process that will need your attention.

But overall it is a far better approach to losing weight, than just jumping on yet another low-calorie diet weight loss craze. These diets will make you gain weight again because you did not manage to solve the overall problem.

Taking the First Step

To be able to incorporate the above bullet points and change your lifestyle overall, it is a good idea to take them one by one. This way these changes will not feel overwhelming.

A good first step to getting started with is to improve your metabolism that is the most effective weight loss tool you have in your hands. To do this, you need to build some lean muscles and increase your protein intake.

To get faster results you can use a supplement like PhenQ, which is a weight loss supplement that can give you a couple of benefits, like raising your metabolism. Check out to learn more.

Here you will also find information on how to buy PhenQ in case you want to use it, to help you to lose weight.

But remember a weight loss supplement should never be your primary tool to lose weight, just a helping hand to get you started to lose weight.

Recently there was an excellent article in the Independent regarding this topic about your body fat. You can read it here.

Also, check out the video below to get a couple of effective weight loss tips.

Are E Cigs Really That Good Alternative to Cigarettes?

E Cigs are just more convenientIf you are a smoker you have probably already heard a lot about e cigs, or electronic cigarettes as they are also called. Perhaps some friends of yours have even tried to tell you to get started to use them instead of regular cigarettes. But are they really that good of an alternative, or are you much better off just keep doing what you are doing when it comes to smoking cigarettes?

Cannot Help You to Quit Smoking

One thing is for sure, there is no scientific evidence that e cigs can help you to quit smoking. But with that being said, I personally do know smokers who successfully has been able to use them as a quit smoking device. But do not rely on my personal knowledge, but stick to the scientific facts, in case you were planning to use e cigarette to quit smoking with.

Can Help You to Save Money

Getting started with a premium e cigarette brand can help you to save money yearly on your smoking budget. If you currently are using e-cigarettes but are not saving any money, then you should consider switching to a quality brand like E Cigs Pro Vapor.

With this brand, you will be able to save as much as $1200 on a yearly basis if you are smoking a package per day.

E Cigarettes Will Give You A Better Home Environment

If you have a nonsmoking partner, then one thing is for sure, that is that your partner is really going to appreciate your switch to e cigs. Especially if you are smoking in your house.

E-cigarettes do not leave any stains or traces of nicotine in your furniture, curtains or ceilings like regular cigarettes do. You will not have that bad smell of burned tobacco and nicotine in your house either. E-cigarettes produce an odorless vapor, that looks like smoke but basically are just a fluid that will not pollute.

You Will Still Get Your Nicotine Fix

One thing that make it so difficult for many smokers to quit is the addiction to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is often the main reason why we keep smoking years after years. We all know that nicotine is not good for you. But sometimes we do not have the right motivation to finally get rid of this addiction.

You will still get your daily nicotine fix, in the same amount, when you get started to use e-cigarettes. However, you will get rid of some of the other toxins that normally comes with tobacco smoking.

Where Do I Go From Here?

If you are starting to get curious about e-cigarettes, then one way to get started is to get yourself an e cigarette free trial. Here you will receive a complete starter, that you can try out. This is a great way to get started because you will not have to invest a couple of hundred dollars a starter kit normally would cost.

E-cigs brand is currently the best free trial available. It is a respectable company that has been in business for many years now.

Check out this article to get more knowledge about e cigarettes.

3 Steps for Effective Weight Loss and Keep it Off

3 Weight Loss Tips to Get You Started WithFor people who wants to lose weight need to realize that loosing weight is not only about going on a calorie restriction diet and that way promote a weight loss. Losing weight is much more than that, it is about changing your life style in incorporate a couple of healthy things for you do to when it comes to dieting and in your daily life.

The basic in order for you to become successful with your diet it is all about changing your life and become healthy, this is the real road to success. And in order to be able to do that we have for here 3 steps for effective weight loss.

Step 1. Dieting

Yes, your diet is a very important step when it comes to losing weight, but it is not only about your diet. Many people do the mistake of focusing way to much on the diet part. This is not good because it will screw your view on food and make you very unhealthy in the lon run.

No matter how you put, how much weight you want to lose, you body will always a healthy combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Leaving out one of them in order to lose weight is not healthy, like in for example a high protein diet.

Just eat a little less, around 500 calories of what your body needs.

Step 2. Exercising

Also exercising should be an important of your life from now on. Going to the gym, doing a sport or even just daily walks can make a lot of good changes in your. You should aim to do at least 30 minutes of some sort of activity every day.

The good is you really do not need to, and should not because a fitness freak, spending hours in the gym. This not healthy either and is what we can call an addiction. If you decide to go to a gym to workout, just stay for an hour and do your stuff, and that is. No need for countless hours of cardio or weight in order to get your results.

Step 3. Get What Your Body Need

Finally we have our last step to a successful weight loss. This is to make sure that your body get all the nutrients, vitamins and mineral its need to function optimal.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your body is actually capable of burning fat from your diet and off your body. Else you will never get rid of that stubborn storage fat you have accumulated over the years.

Here a supplement like Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia can be a great choice, it is a weight loss supplementation, but then again not really a weight loss supplements as we are used to look at them. Garcini cambogia extra is more about improving your bodily function so you will be able to get rid of waste products and body storage fat a hole lot easier.

The great thing that you can try this out yourself with a special garcinia cambogia free trial where you only pay a few bucks in shipping and handling. This is lot cheaper than buying a worthless product in the supermarket. You need to remember in order to get the benefits from a supplement like garcinia cambogia the supplement need to be premium.

You should check out this article on hydroxycitric acid on Wikipedia it will explain all about the main ingredient that you will get with garcinia cambogia.

How to Get Big Fast Using Supplements

Get Big FastOften you really need to have some patience if you want to get big because serious muscle building does not happen overnight. It is a long steady process that will demand a lot of dedication from your site.

Sometimes guys become way to impatience when it comes to muscle building, unfortunately, this often leads them to anabolic steroids and other illegal substances. The bare truth is that there are other ways where you can get big fast.

Why risk side effects like testicular shrinkage, acne, gyno or boldness when there are other far safer ways to get big fast?

If you want to speed up your muscle building it is very important that you, first of all, are training effective enough in order to optimize your muscle building, you also need to make sure that you are getting enough rest and sleep.

The is all about what you are putting in your mouth when it comes to your diet and supplements.

When we look at the supplements there are mainly two you need to take a closer look at Ultimate Muscle and No2 Maximus.

Today there are few supplements available that can help you to build some solid lean muscles. The Alphadrox supplement is one of them. The way this supplement can help you to get bigger faster is by loading anaerobic energy into your muscles.

This form of energy will make it possible for you to lift heavier with more endurance, just enough till you will experience a muscle growth that is faster than normally.

Maximus will help you in another way, which you can learn a lot more about in this No2 Power Blast. Here we have a nitric oxide supplement that will improve your blood vessels and flow so you will be pumping more nutrients and oxygen out to your muscles. By having more nutrients available for your muscle it will becomes much easier to get big fast.

So basically in order to boost your muscle building and give you some good fast results it is all about making more energy and nutrients available for your muscles so they can work harder and grow faster.

But no matter you will be able to get some good results just using one of these two supplements, but if you really want to hit it hard for a period of time you can combine them because they will help you in different ways to get big fast.

Learn more about nitric oxide levels here.

Get a couple of muscle building tips check out the video below.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally Using Supplements

rp_hqdefault.jpgIf you have low levels of testosterone and want to build some lean muscles and want to have a healthy sex life, there is really no need to worry. You do not need to get started with anabolic steroids or hormones.

You can get started to increase testosterone naturally using supplements. These types of supplements are called testosterone boosters and normally comes with natural ingredients that can help you to increase your testosterone levels. This is without you doing any risks of serious side effects and with risk of producing the female hormone estrogen.

So if you want to get started to get started with a testostereone booster that actually works and can give you some good results then there are a couple of ingredients that you need to look for if you want to buy a testosterone booster yourself.

Fenugreek is an ingredient that you will find in T90 Xplode and that can help you to effectively increase testosterone levels naturally. Fenugreek participated in an Australian study a couple of years back where 60 healthy male to Fenugreek for a period of 60 days. After that they were hold up against a group of men that only had taken a placebo. It turned out that the group of sixty men had significant higher levels of testosterone compared to the test group.

Another important ingredient to look out for when you want to naturally increase your levels of testosterone is Tribulus Terrestris. This ingredient was widely used among Bulgarian weight lifters during the cold war and was one of the reason why they had so much success compared to weight lifters from other parts of the world.

Remember that you will a supplement like T90 Xplode will get both of these ingredients. Also remember that T 90 Xplode only is available in Canada. If you want to have something similar then you need to check out Testorush RX which almost will give you the same ingredients.

So If you want to increase your levels of testosterone naturally you too should get started wit a testosterone booster. This is a safe yet effective way to get your levels up and running.

To get even better results make sure that you are getting a protein rich diet and that you are pushing yourself hard enough when you are working out in the gym.

You can also learn more about testosterone at Wikipedia.